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Useful Tips

How to become a successful Agency Nurse, Home Carer or a Clinical Support Worker

A smart appearance creates a warm welcome. Remember not to over-dress. Wear clean uniform where required.

Always be on time for you assignment. Lateness often indicates lack of interest and disorganisation.

On any new assignments, arrive early enough to get familiar with the environment and the key policies. Always plan your route in advance!

No Politics
Keep it professional! Try to stay away from gossip and workplace politics. This will never have a good outcome. Focusing more on your work will.

Invest in patients
Patients are people, they know who really cares. Spend more time with them; they will appreciate your efforts.

When you make a mistake, do the right thing, apologise and be polite always.

Avoid self-centeredness
People can easily take a personal dislike of you if they feel that you are self-centered, you must show greater concern for others.

Keep the office updated with your availability.

Work-life balance
Overworking can make someone irritable and ineffective, so allow yourself enough rest in any given week.

Personal development.
Take responsibility for updating your annual courses and attending clinical supervision sessions.

Readiness to learn
Be open for suggestions / feedback in order to develop your skills and knowledge.

Positive mentality
Have a positive mentality. If you are given rather challenging tasks, do not moan and sabotage the efforts of others. If you feel that things are not right, you must discuss your concerns with the person in charge or with the agency.

Role Model
Be exemplary at everything you do at the workplace.

Keep accurate records
Record keeping is a legal requirement. Accurate documentation is essential within the care settings at all times, so be diligent. Remember, what is not documented may be regarded as not done.

Be identifiable
Always wear your ID badge prominently when working in establishments. We need to protect vulnerable children and adults in our care.

Know your limits
Identify your strengths and weaknesses in order to know your limits. Never do something you do not have the right skills and knowledge for.

Put Service Users/ Patients First
Those who put their own needs first never make it in care or nursing. Make life better by putting other first.

Real professionals and influential people listen to others to achieve greatness

Be Grateful
Do not forget whoever has helped you to get to where you are. A thankful person always gets more favours.


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